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Want Your Own Homemade Fleshlight? Here’s Exactly How to Make One

You’ll need three pairs of socks, two rubber bands and a latex glove. Place the glove between two folded-up pairs of socks, then wrap the third around the whole contraption.

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Homemade Fleshlight #3: How to Make a Sock Masturbator. from Merry Frolics PRO ... Read the full instructions on how to make homemade Fleshlights here: ...

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Fold up 2 socks to make the 2 sides of the hole, placing your glove in between them. Next, wrap a third sock around the “vagina” and then pull the excess glove over the edges. Seal in place with an elastic band or similar. The socks pocket pussy is ideal for guys who don’t want to risk getting caught with a sex toy for whatever reason.

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2) Sock Masturbator Homemade Sex Toy If you’re looking for a homemade sex toy that is even easier to make than the towel masturbator, the sock masturbator is certainly worth a try. This fun DIY sex toy is very easy to make with ingredients that you most likely have laying around somewhere in your home already.

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Homemade Sex Toys For Men: My Verdict. Out of the eight homemade male sex toys presented above, you might be wondering which one is my favorite. Frankly, my favorite homemade male masturbator is the sock masturbator. This male sex toy is a bit tricky but worth it.

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Socks act as homemade sex toys and are often used for masturbating with lubes . Socks can also replace condoms while wrapping up other sex toys. Cute socks are a turn-on for many and we’re all for it! 10. Pearl necklace. Homemade sex toys such as these are extremely pleasurable for men.

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Also, you can't insert your penis smoothly, so you can't get the feeling of masturbating. And I am a little worried about the hygiene aspect. When making a sock pussy, it is best to use a new sock or wear a condom. I felt that the sensation was similar to this pussy toy.However, this toy is much more comfortable.

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Have you ever heard of a fifi? It’s a prison term used for DIY masturbators made of towels or socks. It’s a classic of homemade sex toys. Roll the towel into a tube shape. Stuff a glove into the end opening, with the glove opening sticking out. Pull the glove opening over the end of the towel. Hold it in place with a rubber band. Lube up and enjoy.