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We use hot water, but usually place them in a bowl of it while we attend to other things. :). Unless you run them under water for quite a while, it seems to only heat the surface and not the core, so they lose their heat too quickly. Just my experience...your mileage may vary.

How to Warm Up a Fleshlight: 6 Tips That Work

To prevent possible heat loss, you can get a towel and get the sleeve wrapped up in it. When you’re ready to have a nice time, simply apply the lube, and start thrusting, while enjoying the warm feel of the sex toy. Clean up the toy after you’re done masturbating. 3. Electric blanket

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This Sex Toy Warmer Is Exactly What You Need to Survive ...

Put your toys and lubricants inside it and plug it into the wall, and it uses low-voltage wattage to heat up your pleasure gadgets to your ideal temperature in less than 20 minutes.

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Running hot water through the toy provides enough heat to make it feel warm; a hair dryer will damage the toy before you realize how how it gets. Once the toy is damaged and slightly melted, you can not use it safely!]

Warming Toys That’ll Heat Up Your Sex Life – SheKnows

Sex toys that heat up and stay warm while you play are a great way to introduce some new sensations into the bedroom. Warming Toys That’ll Heat Up Your Sex Life – SheKnows Because some like it ...

Achieving (Efficient and Easy) Temperature Play With Sex Toys

The easiest way to heat or cool your sex toys is to submerge them in water, at whatever temperature you want! If you are just trying out temperature sensations with a new sex toy, always make sure to test it out slowly.

4 Best Ways How To Warm Up A Fleshlight & Keep It Heated

#2 Warm Up The Lube Instead Of The Sleeve. Another great way to warm up fleshlight that is less messy than some others is to warm up the lube before using the sleeve. This method is great because you don’t have to worry about the sleeve itself. How to: Pick your favorite water-based lube. I recommend using either this or this, but any works.

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However, a silicone toy has no internal heat. Ideas for how to make that first insertion of a toy more pleasant by warming it up? When cold it can be quite shocking! The toy is silicone and we are using a water-based lube if that matters.

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Use a hot toy According to Dr. O’Reilly, you can also heat up a toy by dipping it in warm water just before use. “The genitals can be highly reactive to temperature,” she says.