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Will large dildos loosen my girl's vagina for me ...

Lately we started having fun different with larger dildos, nothing too large but the common one she uses is roughly around 2" girth and 11" length (approx 9" insert length ). We don't use it a lot, just once or twice a month. Every time we insert the dildo she does struggle to get it in her within the first half, and then there is a specific ...

Can using a wide dildo stretch your vagina too much? - Sexual ...

Dalubaba gave you very good advice. I don't see why using bigger toys could permanently stretch your vagina if you do the kegal exercises.These exercises are great for keeping the vagina tight. You might want to be careful about how big you go with your toys and if there's any pain of course stop using it and go back to a smaller one.

How do adult performers handle huge dildos?

So how do women take huge dildos inside them in porn movies? Like, literally—where does it go? Am I being silly? And do you have any tips to get it in deeper? Advertisement.

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Does using a dildo/vibrator stretch out the vagina? : sex

A vagina will not be permanently stretched by a dildo or vibrator. Most women need several minutes to upward of 20 minutes for the vagina to loosen and relax before penetration is comfortable and painless and they are lubricated enough (and even then, lube, lube, lube).

Help, My Dildo Won't Fit! 8 Ways to Deal With A Huge Dildo ...

We do recommend washing your dildo before putting it into your mouth, just to remove any potential "plasticky" taste which brand new dildos can sometimes briefly have. You can even use your dildo to practice and improve your deep throating skills - check out our article here to learn more!

Can using a dildo loosen my anus? - Quora

Answer (1 of 9): TLDR; Yes, it can. Anonymous, because I’m shy. I’m a early-40’s happily married monogamous straight man with two children, a minivan, and a SUV.

6 Kinky Dildos And Sex Toys That Are Dangerous For Vaginas ...

At least, if we're keyed into our sexuality they do. Dildos are a fun, easy way for men and women to explore what turns them on. Unfortunately, there are some sex toys you should never use.

How Vaginas Can Get Loose | Health.com

This one has it that the size of a woman's vagina is related to how much sex she's had. The more time she spends in the bedroom, the rumor goes, the looser and wider her vagina will be. Is a loose ...

Will a big penis 'spoil' my vagina? - Sexual Health - MedHelp

Rarely if ever and I'd say never could two weeks of sex with a large penis or dildo permanently stretch a vagina. Check with your doctor or her doctor if you don't believe me. auntiejessi